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    Netlabels are web based labels who distributes free music through digital audio formats - mainly MP3, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC - over the Internet under Creative Commons licenses.
  • Netlabels History

    Online music groups date back almost as far as the history of personal computers, and share close ties with video games and the demoscene. Early music groups released music in MOD formats, typically as part of a music disk, which often included a MOD player, visual effects, and textual information.

    Netlabels began to branch out from the tracker scene when the MP3 file format became popular in the late 1990s. Most are still dedicated to electronic music and related genres, though this is rapidly changing.

    Early netlabel pioneers include the Kosmic Free Music Foundation (1991–1999), Five Musicians (1995–2000), Monotonik (1996–present) and Tokyo Dawn Records (1997–2005).

    Today there is a wide range and fast increasing number of netlabels all over the world. Though netaudio music is still a niche within music business the easy way of distributing the music via download/stream from the internet and the modern license system are the strongest arguments for the growing importance of netlabels and netaudio.

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[mi107] Electronic Animal – Fast Food Music



“Fast Food Music” signals the editorial debut of Electronic Animal, the experimental alter ego of dance-oriented electronic producer Peter Pan.

Combining a wide set of influences, ranging from minimal techno to IDM, with inclinations to psychedelic or chill sounds, Electronic Animal has found in fast food restaurants a source of inspiration.

This set of tracks portray a mechanical society, unchangeable, made of vices and routines, in which perceotion of the “why” surrounding it is loosing the ground under the imperatives of inediate and disposable consumption.

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[kahvi267] Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Im Garten der Schneekugel

I first ran into these guys while listening to spacemusic podcast – the style of the track was instantly addictive. After contacting them they kindly agreed to come up with a release for Kahvi Collective, and here is the result!

Im Garten der Scheekugel (In the garden of the snowglobe) constists of twelve tracks of interesting and provocative tracks, simplistic beats mixed in with techno/idm influences with a slightly industrial edge. The guys in question? Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, both hailing from the former east of Germany.

Check out their bio for an in depth briefing of how they came about and their inspiration. Watch out for the special remix from our very own Planet Boelex (track thirteen).

Tracks of note: Richtung Hauptbahnhof, Nachts bei mir (which actually sounds reminicient of one of my very own tracks – Inside out) and Uhlenhorst. Translations of all track names can be found in the zips.

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[mdf02] Oeler – Aufbruchstimmung

After spending a lot of time in his Studio by working at his skills as Producer and Live Artist now it is the right moment for Oeler to return with a new Distribution on his first Label Modularfield. Whereas his first Album DCC 04 Drum´n´Space had the conception to connect Four to the Floor and Breakbeat fluently as DJ Set he decided in early 2007 to concentrate on pure Four to the Floor Productions and his Techno Live Set. Meanwhile Oeler made a lot of Tracks between Minimal / Techno / Techhouse / House and Tribal and wants to introduce his favourite Songs of 2007 and his first Live Production. The first two Tracks will concentrate on the Dancefloor whereas Track 3 and 4 show a little bit more experimental Influences.

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[phch008] Konntinent – If I Could Buy A Map of Hope (Volume 2)

It’s about time Phantom Channel issued something by Konntinent, aka London’s Antony J Harrison, as he also co-curates the label. Alas, he’s been busy recording for such esteemed labels including Symbolic Interaction, Dynamophone, Serein and Sonic Pieces.

‘If I Could Buy A Map of Hope — Volume 2’ appropriately acts as an extension to the inaugural record found on ace German boutique imprint Sonic Pieces. Like its predecesor ‘MOHv2’ is an exploration of organic, free range melody and process moulded textures — an argument of stasis and free form.

In the palette this time around are some glockenspiels, some vocals, some splicing, some dicing and some dancing. Across 8 compositions ‘MOHv2’ touches various musical bases including Post-Rock, Soundscapes, Drone, Broken Vocal Songwriting and even Techno.

A must have for fans of Pan American, The For Carnation and ‘Kid A’ style fragmentary.

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[merz0042] The Fart Simpson Band – Early Tapes Vol. I

Until today the Fart Simpson Band was nothing but a myth. It was known that they had been born and quickly extinguished in a will-o’-wisp that only lived within the four walls of a room in Azeitão, during the hot summer of 1994. Few had listened to the historical recordings until today, when the announced return comes to life. Truly, the songs are dusty and shamelessly revivalistic, with its aesthetics inspired in some of the biggest names of the independent rock from the 80’s and 90’s, such as the Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Sonic Youth or Jesus Lizard. They made it without complexes and the result is this first set of 8 songs of nihilistic aggressiveness and dirtiness where no concessions are made.

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[aer017] Anois – Tree House Whispers

In the north of Germany two young kids try to build their own interpretation of these feelings. Far from the world, settled right on the top floor, with two dormer windows where the rain drips on when it’s unpleasant outside, the two kids record their fragile folk-electronica songs with simple instruments.

They play guitar, melodica, fan organ, glockenspiel and other acoustic things, while the floorboards creak and the chairs rumble. Everything around is going to be recorded, when they use their voices. And then the glitchy blips and bleeps join the songs to get the taste of electronica.

Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier are Anois. Two voices that maybe remind you of your own lost heart or of your traces in the cold white snow, when it’s winter outside. It looks simple, but it really takes some time to understand.

The music of Anois is complex though this few instruments because of these fragile elements, which sound also timid, but built this strong and great atmosphere, where you can hide if the days need to be muted.

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[ykyk016] Lackluster – Proof Of Concept

Esa Ruoho is always on the go around the Electronica/IDM globe. Thus it is more than a touch of fortune that his restless wanderings washed him to our shores where he left behind a little chest for you. Five lush Electronica pearls have been aligned to a handy EP under his most famous moniker, which shows certainly proof of not only some kind of concept but also of the unquestionable mastership that Esa exposes in all his musical works. Without trendy side blows some grumblers might call it traditional but the more enlightened listener is fairly aware that glistening tunes and sophisticated beat architecture in broad cinemascope will never ever become obsolete.

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